MULES FOR THE ARMY. ~ One Hundred Bought for Reclamation Work in Montana.

April 18, 1909

One Hundred Bought for Reclama-
tion Work in Montana.

The United States government yesterday purchased a herd of 100 mules, to be used on the reclamation work in Montana, from Kansas City dealers. H. H. Nelson, inspector of the United States army, selected the animals, which are said to be the best herd ever sold to the government from this section of the country.

An average weight of 1,350 pounds was required, and but few of the mules fell below that figure. The price paid was $250 apiece. The company which made the sale declares that so large a herd of uniformly fine stock has never before been taken out of Kansas City. The mules were shipped to Browning and Alree, Mont., last night.