THE NEW MORTON'S. ~ Main Street Eatery Gets New Look.

April 18, 1909

Down Town Eatery Gets New Look.
The New Morton's Confectionery & Restaurant

After two months of constant labor, both day and night, the charmingly appointed downtown place of the famous Morton firm is now ready for inspection.

The decorations, in their daintiness, present such a pleasing effect in color and detail that have in them an atmosphere all their own and something decidedly unique in Kansas City.

A complete transformation has been wrought, the finished effect suggesting the refinement of the Marie Antoinette period, the woodwork having been worked by in the more simple straight lines of this period and finished in the French gray enamels, contrasted with Du Barry pink in the decorations.

The only details of ornament consist of simple ribbon and bow knot motif. The section allotted to the confectionery has been separated from the luncheon rooms by a beautiful built-in screen, consisting of graceful columns and arches and very charmingly arranged small plate mirrors. The arches are hung with velvet in Du Barry pink, following the lines of construction and completing the beauty of the screen.

On each side of the rear lunch room large plate mirrors draped at the tops with decidedly handsome Marie Antoinette wreaths and festoons specially molded and finished in powdered gold have been installed, lending pleasing perspective to the room. The large skylight and new exhaust ventilators in ceiling have been artistically treated with wood lattice covered in trailing pink and crimson Rambler roses, bordered with soft lighting effects. At the rear are three quaint latticed windows with flower boxes set in front of each, the boxes filled with moss, with hanging pink ramblers, primroses, pink sweet peas and other plants. These flower boxes furnish delightful detail.

Features of particular beauty are the center lighting fixtures. They are of special design in hand carved wood, finished in rich gold with the fruit detail glazed in natural colors. Seven lights drop from the central body of fixtures suspended by pink silk cord; the entire fixture is hung on a pink silk rope in harmony with decorations. The old gold furnishes a rich contrasting note in the general decorative scheme.

The general ensemble of the rooms have an atmosphere of beauty, and it affords considerable pleasure to announce their successful completion.

And a cordial inspection and enjoyment of the rooms is invited.

This place, together with their Hyde park place, also on Main street, gives to Kansas City institutions in a confectionery and catering way that would be a credit to much larger cities.