EXAMINE YOUR MONEY. ~ Many Bad $2 Bills Are Now Circulating in Kansas City.

May 27, 1909

Many Bad $2 Bills Are Now Cir-
culating in Kansas City.

Don't take any bad money. You are likely to do so unless there is a closer observation of $2 bills. Government inspectors have been notified that the new issue of bad twos has reached here, and United States Marshal E R. Durham's men yesterday got three of them.

The fake bills are blue, rather than green; on bond paper instead of anything like real bill paper, and they have no silk threads running through them. These silk threads show plainly in new bills and as the new fraud is on new paper, it is easy to find they have no silk fiber.

There have been about a dozen complaints made to the government officials.

"We hear of comparatively few," said an official yesterday. "It is not a nice thing to say, but a true one; when a man gets a spurious bill forced upon him, his first effort is to foist it on somebody else. His duty, under the law, is to notify the treasury department, but that would mean the coin or the bill being taken away from him, which is more than the average man seems to be willing to stand.