ITALIANS' FOURTH OF JULY. ~ "Festa Dello Statuto" Was Appropriately Celebrated Yesterday.

June 7, 1909

"Festa Dello Statuto" Was Appropri-
ately Celebrated Yesterday.

Yesterday was the "Festa Dello Statuto," which to the Italians is as the Fourth of July is to Americans, and was appropriately celebrated. It is the anniversary of the granting of a constitution to the people by King Carlo Alberto in 1848.

Ferullo's band at Electric park, which is made up almost entirely of Italians, played the "Marcia Reale," the Italian national air, as a number of its programme. Pietro Isnardi, the Italian consul, held a reception yesterday afternoon and at night Ferullo's band went to his residence at 503 Cherry street and gave a concert for the Italian residents who were present en masse.