DIDN'T WANT TO BE KNOWN. ~ "It's Nobody's Business," Said Gunard Edholm, and Died.

August 1, 1909

"It's Nobody's Business," Said Gun-
ard Edholm, and Died.

Five days ago a well dressed Swede, about 40 years of age, applied to former Mayor James A. Reed for employment as yardman and chauffeur, and was engaged. He said little about himself at the time, no more than that he had been a baker, but wanted an outdoor job, and set about learning how to run Mr. Reed's car with a good deal of intelligence.

Three days ago the new man said he felt ill and the net day went to the hospital. Yesterday Mr. Reed was at the postoffice trying to find some mail for the man, who had died.

"I mean to give him a decent burial," said Mr. Reed, "and want to find out whom the poor fellow was. He evidently was a man of education. One of the maids at the house asked him, when he said he thought he ought to go to the hospital, to give the address of his people.

" 'It is nobody's business,' he said. 'I don't want anybody to know where I am.' "

The former mayor's mysterious stranger had given the name of Gunard Edholm.