TO BUILD NEW GREEK CHURCH. ~ Priest's Ambition Is to Have Handsome Place of Worship.

August 2, 1909

Priest's Ambition Is to Have Hand-
some Place of Worship.

A Greek church, the finest in the country, is the ambition of the Rev. Father Harlton Panogopoules, of Kansas City, who, with a delegation of members of his parish, departed yesterday afternoon for Topeka, where the first steps will be taken toward raising the money to this end. In the party were James Maniaties and G. Alexopoules. They act as Father Panogopoules's secretaries and interpreters.

The present church is at the corner of Fourth and Locust streets and has about 400 communicants. In a few months, however, it is said there will be more than 2,000, and perhaps twice that many, due to the coming of the Greeks who work as section hands and as laborers in mines and other places. It is with the assistance of these men that the priest expects to build his church. Father Panogopoules came to Kansas City from Athens two months ago. Since that time he has endeared himself to the local Greeks, and they are enthusiastic over his plans for a fine edifice.

To attain this end it will be necessary for him to communicate with the Greeks who are now at work in the railroad territory contiguous to Kansas City, and his first step is to go to Topeka, where there is quite a colony of Greeks, and interest them in the project.

Father Panogopules was attired in a long black cassock, with high felt turban. A great cross was suspended on a heavy chain from his neck. He and his party attracted much attention at the Union depot, where they were met by some of the Greeks who live in that section and to whom Father Panogopoules gave his blessing before he departed.