DRILL BY ROOKIES OPENS POLICE NIGHT SCHOOL. ~ First Lecture on Etiquette and Military Tactics Given to Captains and Sergeants.

September 17, 1909

First Lecture on Etiquette and Mili-
tary Tactics Given to Cap-
tains and Sergeants.

In the office of the police commissioners last night about thirty sergeants, captains and lieutenants of police heard the first of a series of lectures on military tactics, etiquette and duties of a police officer.

After listening to speeches by Commissioner Marks, Sergeant Charles Edwards and Sergeant Robert James, a squad of "rookies" were brought in to the room and gave an exhibition drill. With shoulders squared back, uniforms that fairly glistened with their newness and white gloves that matched the spotless collars, the new men created a favorable impression, some of whom could not have carried out a single order as given by Sergeant Lang.

"What do you think of that?" was Commissioner Marks's satisfied remark as he smiled.

"Now you men have got to know all about these orders and drill regulations or how we can expect the men to know anything about them?" he added, addressing the sergeants and captains.

"We expect the officers in charge to know how to lead a squad of men the same as these new men know how to obey them."

The new night school will be open every night for about two weeks. The officers on the opposite shift who work nights will be lectured this afternoon. Commissioner Marks said that later each man would be required to take turn in giving orders and that drilling would be one of the main features. It is thought that many of the officers will weigh considerably less at the expiration of two weeks. Reporters were not admitted to the lecture last night.