MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY. ~ Reception Commemorating 99th Anniversary Given by J. E. Gonzalez.

September 17, 1909

Reception Commemorating 99th An-
niversary Given by J. E. Gonzalez.

A reception commemorating the ninety-ninth anniversary of independence in Mexico was given to a small party of prominent Mexicans and newspaper men at the office of J. E. Gonzalez, acting consul for the Southern republic yesterday afternoon. Among the guests were L. L. Cantu, J. J. Journee, A. E. Pradillo and L. B. Moreno.

Toasts to the present chief executive of Mexico, and to the memory of Padre Miguel Hidalgo Y Costilla, the great liberator, were drunk by the gathering. All present wore the national colors, red, white and green, signifying the three guarantees of Hidalgo, liberty, religion, equality.

"The big celebration will be in the City of Mexico next year," said Mr. Gonzalez. "It will be the centennial of the first independence day and the whole nation will turn out to do it honor. The result no man can now tell, but it will be surpassingly grand as our countrymen are great celebrators and every state will contribute to an exposition illustrating the progress of Mexico during the interim.

"Every true Mexican who has the time and the money should be there to lend his shout to the applause due the grand old man, who has made Mexico what it is today."