MIDGET RESEMBLES A DOLL. ~ Little May Trogdon Attracts Attention at the Union Depot.

September 29, 1909

Little May Trogdon Attracts Atten-
tion at the Union Depot.

Many of the passengers at the Union depot last night took her for a bisque doll as she lay asleep in her mother's arms and the women took particular notice of her long, yellow curls and remarked about them. When she woke up, however, and walked through the station with the stride of a child sure of herself, everyone sat up and took notice.

Inquiry developed the fact that the diminutive one was little May Trogdon, known to her parents and friends as "May the midget."

Little May is 5 years old, weighs sixteen pounds and is an even twenty-four inches high. She sits in a little rocking chair, formerly the property of a doll. It had to be cut down to little Miss May. It stands a bare four and one-half inches from the floor and the midget rocks in it with comfort. This speck of humanity is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Trogdon. She was born in Northern Idaho and is now on her way with her parents to Bois d'Arc, Mo.

"While up town today," said the mother, "we brought May a pair of shoes. You can see that they are too large but they were No. 0, the smallest baby shoe made. She wears what is known as a No. 10 doll shoe but we couldn't get any here. Her foot is just three inches long."

From the wrinkle in little May's wrist -- and she is very plump -- to the ends of her tiny fingers, is just two and a half inches and her longest finger reaches the width of a 5-cent piece.

The Trogdons have two other children. Virgil, 3 years and 6 months old, is a normal boy, weighing thirty pounds. Oda, 10 years old, is a "husky" product for that age.