FAINTS AS "CHECKERS" WINS. ~ Strain of Racing Scene Too Much for Girl in Audience.

September 29, 1909

Strain of Racing Scene Too Much
for Girl in Audience.

Just as "Checkers," the gambler hero, cashed in his ticket for $5,000 on the horse Remorse, through which he is to win the hand of Pert, his Arkansas sweetheart, Miss Lulu Johnson, 2331 Belleview avenue, clutched at the occupants of the seats alongside her at the Grand theater last night.

The house was excited and calls brought the curtain up several times and the persons clutched by Miss Johnson did not for the moment pay any attention to her.

It was not until the lights in the auditorium were flashed back on that the people around Miss Johnson realized that the excitement had been too much for her nerves and that she had fainted.

It took but a moment for half a dozen pairs of masculine hands to pick up the limp form of the girl and pass her over the backs of the seats to the aisle and then carry her to the foyer. Here she was placed on one of the big couches which was rolled up alongside the window.

Physicians were secured a few moments later and she recovered consciousness. She rested on the couch until after the theater closed and then was assisted home by friends.

Miss Johnson is 18 years old and has big black eyes and dark hair. She told the doctors that she was subject to attack of "nerves," but had not fainted before. the excitement of the horse race, which was also the race for the girl, was too great for her, she said.