KANSAS CITY BUYER A SUICIDE. ~ Joseph Adler, Wholesale House Employe, Drinks Poison in New York.

September 29, 1909

Joseph Adler, Wholesale House Em-
ploye, Drinks Poison in New York.

NEW YORK, Sept. 28. -- Joseph Adler, who was a buyer for a wholesale house in Kansas City, Mo., committed suicide in his room in the Hotel Gerard this afternoon by drinking carbolic acid. No reason for the act is known.

According to the police Adler, who is about 40 years old, had been at the Gerard for about a week and occupied a suite of two rooms. This afternoon one of the hotel maids knocked at Mr. Adler's door, wishing to enter the apartment. She received no answer. Later she returned and when again she received no response she tried the door and found it unlocked. She looked into the room and found Adler lying in the same position. The maid hastened to the office and gave the alarm. A clerk went to the room and discovered the suicide.

In the room the coroner's physician found three letters, one of them addressed to "Whom it may concern" in which Adler requests that he be given a simple burial by the nearest undertaker. He also requests that two other letters, which were sealed, one addressed to Hiram Adler of Evansville, Ind., and the other to D. L. & W. P. Haas, 152 State street, Hartford, Conn., be mailed without being opened.

The physicians found nothing in the room that would serve as a clue to Adler's reason for death.