April 15, 1916 ~ TAKES "COP" TO HOLDOVER.

April 15, 1916

Laborer Then Is Held Because of Abuse Story Told by Wife.

Leo Kasilla, a laborer, 14 South Seventh street, took a peculiar method of getting to jail early yesterday morning. He "arrested" Charles Little, a police sergeant, whom he took for a burglar. The sergeant permitted Kasilla to lead him to police headquarters. There Kasilla was booked and kept the remainder of the night.

Kasilla's arrest was preceded by a stormy session in his home. He is alleged to have driven his wife from the ho use and then to have informed the police that an insane woman was parading the street near his home. Police who investigated, found Mrs. Kasilla with her two young children. They were taken to the headquarters where the woman said she was sane but had left home because her husband had threatened her. She and the children were released and Sergeant Little followed them. He entered the house and stepped behind a door before Kasilla saw him. Later Kasilla discovered Little and accused him of being a burglar.

"I'll just take you to the police station," Kasilla said. Little consented.