April 17, 1916 ~ Pioneer Merchant Passes Away at 79

April 17, 1916
Pioneer Merchant Passes Away at 79

J. M. Egelhoff, Dead in West Olathe Kas., Lived Here Many Years.

J. M. Egelhoff, a pioneer merchant of Kansas City, died yesterday at his suburban home of West Olathe, Kas. He was 79 years old.

He opened a general merchandise store at Eighteenth and Locust streets in 1860, and, until his retirement, was a factor in building up Kansas City's mercantile trade. He accumulated much property here when it was of little value, holding it for high prices. The site of the Waldheim Building, at Eleventh and Main streets, was one of his holdings.

The Egelhoff Shoe Company, for which he furnished the capital, was a well known local institution for many years. Mr. Egelhoff retired from active business life here in 1879, however, buying a farm near Olathe. There he lived until 1890, when he moved to West Olathe.

A son, George, is connected with a shoe store here. The other children are Mrs. Mary E. Carter, who made her residence with her father; Mrs. J. M. Anderson of Gardner, Kas., and Mrs. Ida Thrasher of Milwaukee. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday afternoon.