April 18, 1916 ~ KILLED BY ELEVATOR.

April 18, 1916

E. V. Halley of Otterville, Mo., Loses Life in New Hotel.

Eatel V. Halley, a decorator, 35 years old, of Otterville, Mo., was caught between an elevator and the wall of the shaft yesterday afternoon at the new Westgate hotel, Ninth and Main streets. His head was crushed and death was instantaneous.

Halley left his wife and two children at home a short time ago and came to Kansas City in search of employment. He was employed by the Shackleford Paint and Paper Company. Halley was on the third floor of the new hotel looking over some work that he expected to do. He put his head into the shaft to look down, when the elevator struck him from above. His body was thrown in upon the elevator floor.

A brother, E. R. Halley, lives at 2318 Prospect avenue. The body will be taken to Otterville today for burial.

It is said that Halley's home at Otterville burned a few days ago.