April 18, 1916 ~ PICKET STRIKES WOMAN.

April 18, 1916

Wife of Movie Show Proprietor Is Rendered Unconscious.

Mrs. John E. Hughes, wife of the proprietor of a picture theater at Ninth street and Lister avenue, was struck and knocked unconscious at 7:30 o'clock last night by a man who, it is said, was one of three pickets placed by the business agent of the moving picture operators' union to picket the theater. She was carried into a house near the theater and treated by a physician.

Mr. Hughes said last night that he was visited by the business agent of the union and asked to sign a union contract immediately. He had been operating the picture machine himself, he says, and part of the time was employing a beginner to assist him. Mrs. Hughes looked after the office.

When Mr. Hughes declined to sign the contract at once and, instead, insisted on more time, he says, several pickets took positions outside and began warning patrons of the theater to stay away. While Hughes was inside the theater turning on the lights Ms. Hughes went outside to talk to the nearest picket. She had barely spoken to him when he struck her on the left temple, according to witnesses. Indignant bystanders became threatening and the pickets fled.

Hughes says he was formerly a union operator and that he had trouble with the union at a former place of business. Hughes says he will file a complaint this morning with the county prosecutor.