April 6, 1916 ~ IN CELL WITH "RELATIVES."

April 6, 1916

Everton, Mo. Man Converses Freely With Invisible Kinfolks.

Jess Hood, 33 years old, an iron-worker, is evidently having a pleasant time visiting a number of relatives in a cell at police headquarters. No one else can see the relatives, but Hood, who is in charge of Colonel J. C. Greenman, investigator of the insane for the police, insists that a number of them are his cellmates and he conversed with them freely yesterday.

Hood walked into police headquarters yesterday morning and approached a policeman.

"Officer," he said, "me and my relatives here are tired of walking around. We want to be locked up so we can visit with each other and talk awhile."

"Where's the relatives?" asked the cop, looking about.

"Here they are," replied Hood, with a sweep of his hand. "There's Joe and Henry and Frank and Stella and --"

He was interrupted as the patrolman ushered him up to the desk. He said he was from Everton, Mo. Colonel Greenman believes he is suffering from the effect of some drug.