June 24, 1907

Fifteen Cars Made the Trip in Two
Hours Each Way.

Fifteen members of the Automobile Club braved the muddy roads yesterday and made the run to Lone Jack, Mo., where they picnicked in the grove. The ball game, which it was intended should be played, was called off because of the rain.

"We had a good run," said W. G. Coumbe, who was in charge of the expidition. "The fifty or sixty cars which were to make the run did not show up at Admiral boulevard and Grand avenue by 11 o'clock, but by 11:30 o'clock fifteen motor cars had made their appearance, and we decided to make the trip. It took us a trifle over two yours to go each way. The muddiest roads we encountered were between here and Independence. Next Sunday the trip which we had planned for today will be made.