June 24, 1907

Man Who Killed Himself June 13
Was Wallace Whitman.

The suicide whose body was found June 13 in the Grove, a parkway at Fifteenth street and Agnes avenue, was Eugene Wallace Elliot Whitman, of Laramie, Wyo. The hat he wore bore the name of a Cheyenne (Wyo.) dealer, and Eylar Bros. undertakers had a picture of the man made and sent to the hat dealer. This was placed in a window with a note of explanation, asking for identification. In a few days Harry Holiday Whitman, a brother, passed the store and recognized the picture. He at once started to Kansas City, arriving here yesterday. Both brothers were railroad men, the suicide having formerly served as a police officer in Cheyenne.

Eugene Whitman was seen to baord a train for the East the night of June 9, but made no explanation of his departure. He had been at his mother's house a short time before and left some money. His brother said he had at times spoken of suicide, but was never taken seriously, and no motive for despondency was known. He was 34 years old and unmarried. The body, which was buried in potter's field, is to be removed to a grave in Union cemetery.