August 19, 1907

A Dozen Thirsty Persons Were
Found in an East Fifteenth Street Saloon.

P. F. Clarkin, at whose place, 314 East Fifteenth street, a Sunday leak in the lid has twice before been discovered, was captured last night again by the police of No. 4 station in the act of dispensing liquor, this time to a crowd of twelve frequenters. They were each released on cash bonds of $11 each. The first time Clarkin was arrested he is said to have used a measles sign first as a blind advertisement of the "leak," and afterwards to try to frighten away the arresting officers. After his second experience he paid a fine of $50 and a special $15 fine.

Whe Sergeant Halligan and a number of patrolmen raided the house last night the dozen occupants ran into closets and up stairs, leaving bottles, glasses and beer scattered all over the downstairs rooms. Three cases of beer were hauled to the station.