ENGINEER HAD BEEN DRUGGED. ~ Matt Gaffney Fell Into Bad Company on Bluff Street.

May 3, 1908

Matt Gaffney Fell Into Bad Company
on Bluff Street.

Matt Gaffney, a Missouri Pacific engineer, whose home is at 739 Parallel avenue, Kansas City, Kas., was taken to police headquarters last night in an unconscious condition by Richard Miller, a hack driver for the Quinby Livery Company. Dr. George Dagg, who examined Gaffney, said that the man had evidently been "doped." Miller, the hack driver, said that he got a call at Twelfth and Main streets at 10:40 o'clock to go to a rooming house at 507 Bluff street. When he got there a woman gave him $4 and told him to take a man whom she brought out of the house to Seventh street and Parallel avenue, Kansas City, Kas.

Miller told the police that when he got to the address the man was unconscious and was unable to give him further directions. He then drove back to the police station. It was first thought that Gaffney was drunk, but the physician's diagnosis led the police to believe that he had been drugged. The woman who put Gaffney into the hack will be arrested if she can be found.

William Bedell, a traveling engineer friend of Gaffney's, called at police headquarters at an early hour this morning. He said that Gaffney has two daughters, Teresa and Julia. Teresa lives with Bedell, and Julia is a student at a convent in Paola, Kas.

Letters in Gaffney's pockets indicate that he had cashed recently a draft for $500. A later diagnosis by the emergency hospital physicians developed morphine poisoning.

The house at 507 Bluff street was closed early this morning when the police went to arrest the woman who placed Gaffney in the hack.